Liu Jun linkbait allows users to help you do the Shanghai Dragon

common linkbait:

the number of the chain and to enhance the quality of the website for the benefits of needless to say, so many webmaster every day to do a lot of the chain, generally do link is the way to the forum posting replies, build your blog articles, to answer a classified information link, but deviate from them it is a webmaster, article, perhaps to write their own, perhaps is the ISM, and then add their own website in the article links to any place where you can send the article to. Every day the chain will let the webmaster friends feel heart tired, never seem to have endless chain, chain is so mechanical and boring, made a lot of links with the effect is good, if not better feel terribly fatigued, the endless links the days when is the end. What method can make the boring chain work more interesting? Might as well try to do something about the link bait work, the chain will be more changeable, not boring, would do much better to link.

make some open source cms template, for example, do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends love WordPress to do with a blog, but not everyone will do the WordPress template, the template is made of very good linkbait. Of course, if you can do it better, the effect of an open source cms such as phpcms dedecms, their official website PR 8 is because they have very strong link bait. Only in this way is not suitable for the grassroots webmaster.

to carry out network marketing activities


how to do link bait?The following

for your website a station.

submission, go to the webmaster website such as A5 submission Chinaz webmaster portal, write some relatively strong professional articles reproduced the effect is very good. Contribute to the more you want to do outside the chain site, such as your website is the medical nature of the site, you can write some articles like analysis of the medical industry, submission of the website to choose medical industry portals, websites and contribute articles and make your own website have correlation. From the analysis of Shanghai Dragon angle, so the chain effect will be good.

what is linkbait

for example more easy to understand, for example, you contribute to a portal site, at the end of the article add your own web site, then the portal hired your article, we all know that large portal article is very easy and various websites, and a little larger sites will not get rid of you the copyright is the link at the end of your article, so you send an article, you can automatically increase effective for many backlinks. This behavior is to do a link bait, in a nutshell, is that you make a chain, the chain of automatic reproductive growth function, we call the linkbait.

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