How to change to high-end Web links

3: the other sites have Links modules, but must do other website links, then apply in other website or send e-mail! Resulting in a waste of time, may the other site e-mail, is a N for a long time do not log on e-mail, even happened to run into full compliance with the requirements of each other again leave QQ number, sometimes it is very difficult to get a reply, mainly because they do not think too much of Links. If the application of this kind of link, may cause a waste of time.


4: the other requirements are traffic restrictions, basically because of PR6, the world ranking within 10 thousand website >

2: the other sites do not pay attention to Links, not even Links this module, there are also several links for timely, scanty do the station at the beginning, and will not be considered for new links. This is the basic personal connections and relationships when

with the Alexa world rankings limit, so I think in the beginning is limited, a look from the top to the bottom of the beginning of the idea is provided in the home station list in alexa. Then, this is a mistake. Mainly encountered the following problems.

links, each other to my position is: PR is greater than or equal to 5, Alexa world ranking is greater than or equal to 10 thousand, the love of Shanghai included the normal IT website. And frankly, large change link, very difficult, at that time I did not care, careful observation of the site, re positioning in the other side of the base, and only for PR is greater than or equal to 6, Alexa world ranking is greater than or equal to 8000, the love of Shanghai is greater than or equal to 5000 sites included. Did not expect to increase the difficulty, bring me a lot of trouble is also larger.

1: the other side too many restrictions on the site, such as he is the forum website, then he can only change the forum site, the other a little bit, do not take into account. Also some e-commerce sites, it is only in the same industry, for the industry almost to the point where harsh restrictions.

How to change

to high-end Web links

change link problems in

some time ago because the public training out of the 28 push, this thing has become a pity in my heart, especially seen in the public training area, some feelings and harvest the others hair, is envy envy hate feeling. Because before he made dozens of large and small sites, so for the exchange links related matters relatively is more familiar. Today have the opportunity to do the exchange links for a well-known Web site, just 2 hours, also have a little of his own mind, so in my blog to share the encountered problems and related techniques.

The discovery process

website link changeThe

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