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online travel is the hot spot of venture investment in recent years, but it is affected by two aspects. One is the development trend of tourism industry. Relative to the rich, people are willing to spend money on tourism, there are trillions of output value. Domestic booking services through the Internet is far lower than the level of developed countries, the online tourism itself has hundreds of billions of market scale, an annual growth rate of more than 60%. The second is the impact of the mobile Internet, mobile applications emphasize its outdoor attributes, just to better cut into the tourism activities.

OTA in addition to booking air tickets, hotels, travel routes and services and traditional travel agencies with the set of services including ticket + Hotel + travel arrangements, in the tourism industry also known as tourism products, or selling line. In order not to confuse the Internet products we discuss, I call this product "travel service".

often sees a lot of friends complaining on the Internet, saying that GGAD has failed to apply for many times. I feel very puzzled, don’t GG want more webmasters to do GGAD? The answer is yes, because a lot of GG’s profit is ggad. What is the real reason why many people fail to apply for the shlf1314 Adsense account? As far as I can see, the problem lies mainly in the domain name used to apply for the GGAD account.


3, you use the domain name to do the station, must have content, not too little, at least 50 or more, the interface is not bad, and make it more substantial.


of the way cattle, donkey mother, is to this mode of online sales, tourism services or can be called the tourism business. This market is mainly to line up resources and services, mainly the electricity supplier model competition.

some friends say that using a new domain name to apply for an GGAD account is generally not possible. To this end, I deliberately made a small experiment, with the latest new CF game station to apply for GGAD, the result is second days received GG reply and opened the GGAD account. Well, what kind of domain name is suitable for GGAD accounts? My experience is that as long as the domain name meets the following 3 criteria:

process of tourism activities, can be divided into three stages, before the line after the line. The main line is the itinerary, travel booking service, especially the ticket hotel; line is the tourism activity itself, the whole travel process of the user; the user after friends and to share travel experiences and spread their stories, photos and so on.

travel according to the autonomy of the itinerary, can be divided into group tours and self-help travel. Of course, in recent years, there has been a similar semi autonomous, travel agencies are responsible for air tickets and hotels, travel schedule all their own arrangements, such relatively small, tentatively placed into the self-help tour. Group tour is a tour agency that manages everything and naturally doesn’t have online travel products. Online travel product contends for, it is the user that self-help swims.

I have been doing travel products for some time. Recently relatively idle, just go out with friends, a trip back, they come to pull their own online travel products entrepreneurial views.

online travel industry chain analysis

2, the domain name must be your application shlf1314 Adsense on the real name of all


also need to remind that, GGAD account is very valuable, we must treasure. For general cheating methods, GG can be identified. Hope that webmaster friends can stand good, make reasonable income. Finally, I hope everyone can make a lot of money through GGAD!

, OTA and tourism electricity supplier are now a competitive market, and even

real name 1, you apply for a user in shlf1314 Adsense that did not enter the blacklist that is not registered and have been K, if it is registered, but you forget, not K, that can give shlf1314 Adsense group letter, explain the reason, so you can still register

so the earliest online travel tycoon, Ctrip, eLong is such a travel booking website, referred to as "OTA-Online Travel Agent". A big head of OTA or a business travel user?. But this part of the user’s commercial value is not the same, belong to another category, it is not discussed carefully.

, which can make money, is naturally accounted for the bulk of the ticket, hotel reservations. This part of the book, in the "line" part of tourism.

Based on the

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