Web site keywords from the long tail word of how to get traffic

C, the internal anchor text links to the long tail keywords ranking effect is very big, we do internal links can be used in reference, the latest articles etc.. The purpose of the article is the long tail keywords can progress B and anchor text links in the A article, it needs a process, it is very powerful.

F, a website to reach a >

a, we should optimize the long tail keywords, the first thing is to need to know roughly content of this page, what is your hair this web content? Not all content can as long tail keywords bring you flow, "a lot of content just to make the site more lucrative. For example, some industry news, some hot topic, so the content often flow will be large portal away without your job. Often your content is from them over there. Like this, did not consider the ranking necessary. But most pages are the keywords to find.


B, when we write the contents of web pages, needs to emphasize the purpose of keywords, we should also pay attention to the keyword density, as far as possible in each paragraph are the key words. On the site before and after the best present to the long tail keywords, first presented to the long tail keywords can bold, black. To define a H tag in the title of the article, you can use the H1, H2 that the long tail keywords. The best is in the content appropriate to achieve progress in the long tail keywords, keyword density and content correlation.

is generally a few words long tail keywords combined together, and will give website bring some high quality flow vocabulary, long tail keywords on the site in general are not the main keyword and popular keywords,

popularity, such as website optimization this kind of words, flow, competition is very big, and the conversion rate is relatively low, while another such company, Shenzhen Website Optimization Website Optimization words expressed intent more strongly, so the relative conversion rate will go up, colleagues, more than just natural competitiveness a Shanghai dragon like much smaller. So visible long tail keywords in the process of enterprise website optimization is very important. Here are some views of thinking way of Shanghai Longfeng:

e, for example, we need to optimize the word "website promotion company", but a content page is often difficult to make a detailed brief words make up. So, we need to find the key words a little longer. We can use love Shanghai, Google search for "long tail keywords" the relevant search love Shanghai and Google, in the relevant search, find the long tail keywords more suitable for me to do.

D, the internal page, do, need to do is to do the anchor text appropriate external links, important elements ranking also is the anchor text, whether external or internal anchor text anchor text is very important. We can set up a few customers, such as Sina, news and NetEase, can send some false original article in the above, plus the long tail keywords link

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