From the angle of analysis of Shanghai dragon micro shop merchandise search ranking optimization


is also provided in the micro shop in the search box, the majority of buyers can search through the function of the goods they need, so this problem — what to search and other search engines of the same commodity row in the front, which has become the first choice of goods, it is traffic high, at the same time, the corresponding micro shop and commodity turnover rate is higher. Naturally, each micro shop will be trying to make their goods search ranking by as much as possible before people refer to this ranked "Shanghai dragon" – product search optimization. (see figure 1–1)

promotion articles in the keyword

Keywords More and more sellers

buyers in search of goods usually enter one or two words (in fact we search for anything is basically like this), then according to the search results to select the target commodity. So, in the name of commodity is the first keyword search target, the seller must set up.


1. in the name of the

so, how to describe the goods more attractive? How to set keywords, Taiwan aims to make their products in similar products in the front? We use the "gold" micro shop platform as an example, we provide some suggestions.

the seller in the name of the commodity can be set according to the characteristics and advantages of goods to set, such as a brand, the seller can be set into the commodity name "summer women’s fashion".

as everyone knows, the search target in the search box on love Shanghai next time, we will be from top to bottom to browse, as a result, the row in front of the page title will first enter the majority of users view, be a priority target. Not only love Shanghai so, other search engines or web search box is no exception. As a result, which is the search results on the front row, the hit probability is greater.

commodity settings and in the description of the goods in the name of the keyword set is also a reason, grasp the characteristics and advantages of goods to set. Compared with the product name, description of goods play a larger space, the more words can be described.


2. in the description of the goods the keyword

can say that soft promotion is to optimize the product search the most common means of ranking, but also one of the very effective means. Appropriate to add some key words in the promotion of soft paper, can improve the micro shop search box and other search engines.

now open micro shop in the intelligent mobile phone, but most visited shops are generally low, ranking by comparison, most of the time is not good because of the commodity display page optimization result. In fact, optimize the commodity search rankings generally is set to add keywords, keywords can also be just perfect in the search box, or search for effective capture rate of engine, improve product search ranking.

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