July 28 2004 The metal shop produces railings

first_imgJuly 28, 2004 The metal shop produces railings for a three-level staircase in Unit 8 of the East Crescent Complex. [Photo & Text: sa] Valeri Lane designed a set of clothing racks for newly re-located Ferguson’s second-hand clothing center in Unit 10 of the East Crescent. Jacob and Alex Wolfe from June 20. workshop welded the frame together and painted it. [Photos: Yuki Yanagimoto & Text: sa] Rods are installed one at a time and covered with rust-proof paint, here by construction volunteer Mika Kawai. [left photo: Ayano Atsumi, right photo: Anita Punja & text: sa] center_img Construction and Soleri Archive volunteer Jacob Schwartz grinds the welding joints to a smooth finish. [Photo: Anita Punja & Text: sa] last_img

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