How To Be A Better Super Mario Run Player

first_img Super Mario Run Didn’t Meet Nintendo’s ExpectationsSuper Mario Run Comes to Android This Week Stay on target Nintendo’s mobile extravaganza Super Mario Run is finally upon us, and with it is a cavalcade of awesome new Mario stages, characters to unlock, coins to collect, and MyNintendo Rewards Points to hoard. It’s by far one of the best endless runners you can pick up on the App Store right now, but are you ready to take it on? Are you ready to conquer Super Mario Run?You just might be, if you take heed of our tips and tricks to make you a better Super Mario Run player. Keep in mind that these tips will only apply to players who have paid the $9.99 fee to purchase the entire game.Get All Those MyNintendo Rewards PointsAll you have to do to nab these points is play the game. You’ll even get a new free playable character by linking your Super Mario Run game to your MyNintendo Account. The game will prompt you to do so early on when you first start playing, so make sure you link the two accounts to keep playing if you ever need to move to a new device, or if you want extra points. Playing the game every day, completing additional courses, and adding friends will net you points as well, so make sure you check the MyNintendo tab on the main menu screen and start burning through the missions there for some big rewards.Replay those levels!It’s simple to just breeze through Super Mario Run if you’re not careful. You’ll want to hurry through them since there’s a certain rush that comes with the completion of each level and world, but take some time to go back and see what you missed. There are several different branching paths in each level that you’ll want to return to so you can collect all of the differently-colored coins. This will mean bigger, better things for you in the future, so don’t skimp out on them. Exploring is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you want some replay value after the 24 stages you complete in Tour Mode.Use Pause, speed, and reverse blocks skillfully.Sometimes Mario will come to a screeching halt, go against the grain when moving forward, or push ahead with a burst of speed. These blocks are here to help (or hinder) you, so make sure you utilize them in a manner that works best for you. The pause blocks are red and have a pause symbol on them, and the rest simply look like blocks with arrows on them. If you need a break in a level and don’t feel like hitting the pause button to stop the momentum, make sure you land on the blocks before making a careful jump. And be wary of directional blocks, which could end up launching you face-first into an endless pit, lava, or an enemy. Use them to your advantage whenever possible.Don’t be afraid to try out different characters.As you progress through Super Mario Run, you’ll unlock different characters such as Toad, Luigi, Toadette, and other familiar characters. Each has their own special ability, such as Toad’s speed and Yoshi’s Flutter Jump ability. These can all help you be a better player in various ways, but you’ve got to keep playing in order to get them. Toad can be extremely useful if you want to up your speedy tactics, for example. Keep trying out different characters to see what works.You can download Super Mario Run from the Apple App Store right now for iOS devices. Unfortunately, it does not have a concrete Android release date thus far.last_img

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