Dolores Makes Her Own Story in Westworld

first_img Evan Rachel Wood Just As Disturbed by Humanoid Sophia As Everyone ElseTop Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019 Stay on target I keep waiting for a mediocre episode, but Westworld does not let up. They’ve created a story with multiple mysteries and can move at least one forward in a meaningful way with each episode. This week was no different and had so much going on it’s hard to know where to begin talking about it. Let’s just jump right in.Dolores arrives with Logan and Willia to Pariah, a town full of outlaws and outcasts. Logan describes the experience of this town as much more raw and less designed-by-committee than the rest of the park. William looks at the crime he’s surrounded by and concludes that whoever designed it didn’t think much of people. Logan reveals that what he’s really looking for is a war. There’s supposed to be one happening at the edge of the simulation, but he’s never made it that far. He hopes he can with William.Dolores sees one of the corpses in Pariah, and it reminds her of a past life, where she stood in a field in front of a church, surrounded by bodies. William begins talking to her again, and she picks up on his mention of “the real world.” He says she’s not supposed to respond to things like that. William starts to think she knows the true nature of the park.During a Day of the Dead celebration, Dolores faints and finds herself speaking with Dr. Ford. Ford asks if she remembers Arnold, the person who created her. She tells him she doesn’t, but Ford insists she must. He puts her in analysis mode and asks her what the last thing Arnold said to her before he died. She says Arnold asked her to help him destroy this place. When Ford leaves her, she says to someone who isn’t there, “He doesn’t know. I didn’t tell him anything.”Evan Rachel Wood (Credit: John P. Johnson)When she wakes up, she joins William and Logan to meet with an outlaw named Alonzo with ties to the Confederados, former confederate soldiers who haven’t given up the fight. They’re given a mission to steal some nitro from some union soldiers. On the mission, William tries to ensure that everyone lives, for Dolores’s sake. But when one of the union soldiers walks toward Dolores with a gun, William shoots all of them.The Confederados celebrate with an orgy, in case you forgot this was an HBO show. The Confederate general tries to enlist them in his army, but William refuses to go any further. He doesn’t want to play the war game. Logan taunts him, saying that he’ll never be a threat to anyone. That he’ll never rise higher than the upper-middle management job he’s got. William lunges at Logan, but backs off and finds Dolores has gone.Dolores wanders the halls and sits down at an empty chair. She starts talking to a vision of herself who tells her to find the maze. She tears a metal string out of her arm in a real creepy body horror sequence that is sure to inspire some nightmares. She finds William, who has grown disillusioned with Westworld. Dolores tells him they can escape, that she’s following a voice in her head and needs him to help her.They escape out the back but run into the Confederados. It turns out Alonzo has replaced the nitro with tequila and smuggled the real stuff out. The Confederados threaten to shoot them both. William shoots one but is outnumbered and overpowered. Dolores pulls out her gun and shoots all four of the men in one of the coolest moments of the show. William asks her how she did that; she replies she re-imagined her story as one where she didn’t have to be the damsel. Hell yeah, Dolores.Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores guns down the confederados. (Credit: John P. Johnson)Dolores leads William onto a train. There, they find the outlaw with all the nitro. After a brief standoff, they decide to work together for now. The outlaw tells them his name. It’s Lawrence. As they walk into the next car, Dolores pauses to look at the box containing all the nitro. The maze is drawn on top.Meanwhile, the Man in Black brings Lawrence to a tree and says the path they’re on isn’t for him. He cuts Lawrence’s throat, strings him up in a tree and drains his blood into a bag. He fills Teddy’s body with the blood, reviving him. He tells Teddy that they’re going to find Dolores and Teddy follow him. They stop for a drink and are met by Dr. Ford. We learn why The Man in Black has been doing these horrible things to the Hosts. He felt the park never had a decent villain, so he thought he’d provide one. He’s intrigued by Wyatt of the new storyline and wonders if Ford’s finally made someone who’ll stop him from reaching the maze. Ford asks him what he thinks he’ll find there. The Man talks vaguely about purpose and wonders if Arnold left something behind in the park before he killed himself.Ed Harris as The Man in Black (Credit: John P. Johnson)Elsie sees the Host who tried to kill her being taken away to be burned. She convinces the mechanic about to toss the Host into the incinerator to let her inspect it first. She finds a satellite uplink in the Host’s arm and concludes that someone is using the hosts to smuggle data out of the park.While all this is going on, Felix, one of the park’s mechanics, has been cleaning up Maeve and wonders why her knife wound is so surgical, like someone had been looking for something. We also learn that he’s smuggled a bird out of the park and is trying to learn how to program behavior. Even in the future, everyone should know how to code. As he figures out how to make the bird behave like it’s supposed to, Maeve comes alive and tells him they need to talk.This episode was packed so full of surprises and action you needed to take a minute after it was over just to process everything you saw. Watching Dolores begin to change her story was one of the most satisfying moments of the show, and I’m excited to see where she goes from here.Having Alonzo be Lawrence was also interesting, as it seems to play into the dual-timeline fan theory where William eventually becomes The Man in Black. That still seems unlikely, though, as Dolores only met William after Teddy went off to find Wyatt, who is a new addition to the park even to the Man in Black. So what is Lawrence’s deal then? Did they just put him there right after the Man killed him? Or are there multiple versions of Lawrence running around the park? And who was Dolores talking to when she was alone? Was it simply Bernard or did Arnold leave behind an A.I. consciousness of himself? My money’s on the latter, but we’ll have to wait and see what Westworld has in store.last_img

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