Humble Introversion Bundle arrives in time for Thanksgiving

first_imgAs we get ever closer to Black Friday the sales continue to appear. I expect to see a lot more online stores offering deals, and in particular digital games services cutting their prices, but the Humble Indie Bundle is one of the first to show its cards.For the next 13 days a new bundle of games is being offered at a price of “Pay what your want.” It’s called the Humble Introversion Bundle due to the fact that the core games in the bundle all come from Introversion Software.You can decide what to pay and in return you’ll get the following indie games:UplinkDarwiniaDEFCONMultiwiniaIf you pledge more than the average everyone else is paying, which currently sits at $3.81, then you’ll also get a copy of Aquaria and Crayon Physics Deluxe. Two bonus prototypes are also being thrown in from Introversion. They are Windows-only and show you how to create a city environment efficiently (Subversion City Generator) and destruct voxel buildings (Voxel Tech Demo).As usual, not only can you choose your own price, how those funds are split between the developers is up to you. The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play charity can also be recipients, making this not only a cheap way to get games for the weekend, but a method of donating some cash to worthy causes too.With the exception of the bonus prototypes, all games run on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and there’s no DRM in sight.Buy your bundle now at HumbleBundle.comlast_img

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