Mint Gets Real on Taboo Money Topics

first_imgQ: My credit score sucks. How can I improve it? #RealTalkSeriesIt starts with knowledge. Start by checking your credit score for free at #RealTalkSeries – @hperezStart by making regular, on time payments on your debts.  #RealTalkSeries – @DailyWorthAlso get a secured card with low limit and start building up positive history over time. My BF did that – it worked! #realtalkseries – @Go_CaseyQ: I’m thinking about opening another credit card. Is there REALLY such a thing as too many credit cards? #RealTalkSeriesPay off the cards with the highest interest rate FIRST, @JosieGL #RealTalkSeries – @LaurenYoungLove CC reward/cash back cards. Agree that paying off balance monthly is critical to having ANY CC card. #RealTalkSeries – @Sharon_EppersonYou can’t have too many credit cards IF you pay them all on time and don’t carry a high balance #RealTalkSeries – @DailyWorthQ: SO many people are drowning in student debt. Is college worth the cost anymore? Only go to college if it is necessary for your passion. #realtalkseries – @DebbiKingA worker w/ bachelor’s will earn $1 million more than worker w/ HS diploma over a 40-year career – Census Bureau #RealTalkSeries – @CHLebedinskyOnly you can decide if a degree will be worth it, & make sure you understand the reality of being in debt @mint #RealTalkSeries – @DailyWorthQ: Love is free, but my wallet says otherwise. How do I talk about $$ with my s/o before it gets out of hand? #RealTalkSeriesDo “money date” once a month or every 3 months at least-be ready to LISTEN & talk. #RealTalkSeries – @Sharon_Eppersonuse my strategy: ask about their credit score in the first date! Haha #RealTalkSeries – @WiseBreadDon’t ambush, avoid accusations, and try to couch it in terms of what BOTH of you can do to be better. #RealTalkSeries – @MoneyUnder30Q: I’m broke & I’ve got bills! Who can I borrow money from? #RealTalkSeriesThe struggle is real! Ideas: Cash advance from your ?, sell off unused items, ask for a cash advance from your job #RealTalkSeries – @GOBankingRatesI’m a fan of the Bank of Mom & Dad – if it’s open and solvent. Great rates/easy approval process #RealTalkSeries – @LaurenYoungQ: Saving for retirement is important, but many people can barely pay rent. Any tips? #RealTalkSeriesPay for necessities first. Then, save a little at time for nest egg. Automatic deposits from paycheck to 401k/IRA. #RealTalkSeries – @Sharon_EppersonStart small, even $50 a month makes a big difference over the course of a few years #RealTalkSeries @mint – @apenny4athoughtMake sure you at least contribute to your #401k if there is a company match. You can’t lose. @mint #RealTalkSeries – @401kTutorQ: And our last Q. It’s a new year and time to take control of my money. What’s your BEST piece of financial advice? #RealTalkSeriesDon’t be afraid! Create that spending plan & make it a challenge. Buddy up w/ a friend to hold each other accountable! #RealTalkSeries – @GOBankingRatesTrack your net worth. Best way to stay motivated and know where all your $$$$ is! Do It! #RealTalkSeries – @BudgetsAreSexyDon’t underestimate your own value! Money management is so much more than dollars & cents.  #RealTalkSeries – @Refinery29Thanks to everyone who joined including our esteemed panelists for sharing their great personal finance tips and tricks. Get your free soft credit check and take the above tips to heart to start getting into the best financial shape of your life.Holly Perez – @hperezSharon Epperson – @SharonEppersonCameron Huddleston          – @CHLebedinskyLauren Young – @LaurenYoungCasey Bond – @Go_CaseyChelsea Krost – @ChelseaKrostJ Money – @BudgetsAreSexyMillennial Money Man – @GenYMoneyManGOBankingRates – @GOBankingRatesDaily Worth – @DailyWorthThe Simple Dollar – @TheSimpleDollarWise Bread – @WiseBreadRefinery 29 – @Refinery29Money Under 30 – @MoneyUnder30Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) RelatedWTFinance: What is a Credit Score?June 20, 2018In “Credit Info”What You Need To Know About Student Credit CardsAugust 14, 2018In “Credit Info”How to Talk Money in a Relationship: Dos and Don’tsFebruary 14, 2019In “Money Etiquette” We recently hosted a Twitter chat as part of our #RealTalkSeries. And let’s just say, things definitely got real. Many of you joined us to discuss “taboo” and cringe-worthy money questions such as how to improve a bad credit score, who can you borrow money from when you’re broke, and whether college is actually worth the cost.If you missed it, no worries. We know that life gets busy. So, we captured a few of our favorite tips and chat highlights to help you manage your cash flow and budget in 2016 and beyond. You can also see the entire chat by searching for #RealTalkSeries on Twitter.#RealTalkSeries Twitter Chat Highlights: Post navigationlast_img

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