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content page: Taiyuan wiki Shanghai Longfeng submission can get 100 yuan – New Year red envelopes construction sites in Taiyuan, Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon consultant Research Center – Wikipedia (training content page title can also act as "Taiyuan Shanghai dragon wiki submission can get 100 yuan new year red envelopes – dimensional base Shanghai Longfeng research center", or "Taiyuan Shanghai Longfeng wiki contributors can get 100 yuan.

page title is a very important part of search engine optimization, whether in Shanghai or love this noble baby and other mainstream search engines are equally important, the title tag is generally placed in the HTML code in the page header (head) tags (Figure 1), if a user searches for a keyword there, your page in the search results, then the title will usually be in the first row shows that the user search keywords Su will be bold or standard red display, which helps the user to distinguish this page and whether he had to know the subject (Figure 2). read more

Web site keywords from the long tail word of how to get traffic

C, the internal anchor text links to the long tail keywords ranking effect is very big, we do internal links can be used in reference, the latest articles etc.. The purpose of the article is the long tail keywords can progress B and anchor text links in the A article, it needs a process, it is very powerful.

F, a website to reach a >

a, we should optimize the long tail keywords, the first thing is to need to know roughly content of this page, what is your hair this web content? Not all content can as long tail keywords bring you flow, "a lot of content just to make the site more lucrative. For example, some industry news, some hot topic, so the content often flow will be large portal away without your job. Often your content is from them over there. Like this, did not consider the ranking necessary. But most pages are the keywords to find. read more

What domain names are appropriate for GGAD accountsThe online travel business of old community touri

online travel is the hot spot of venture investment in recent years, but it is affected by two aspects. One is the development trend of tourism industry. Relative to the rich, people are willing to spend money on tourism, there are trillions of output value. Domestic booking services through the Internet is far lower than the level of developed countries, the online tourism itself has hundreds of billions of market scale, an annual growth rate of more than 60%. The second is the impact of the mobile Internet, mobile applications emphasize its outdoor attributes, just to better cut into the tourism activities. read more

Keywords Enterprise Station mentality January quickly love Shanghai Google home

. The content of the website to update: This is needless to say, I believe we all know! But some enterprises built up and then update the two on the shelf, there is a good ranking that love Shanghai certainly not! The website wants to love Shanghai Pro Lai, updated every day the best original content is essential. The contents of my; now I usually update two or three articles, three or four products, basic love Shanghai five minutes included are now updated articles; there is a tip: if you do that you will love Shanghai keywords in the news search, then there will be a day of the earliest news, the news network on this website a revision to the title, content, and a little changed published in your station, pseudo original high, love Shanghai included too fast; read more

How to change to high-end Web links

3: the other sites have Links modules, but must do other website links, then apply in other website or send e-mail! Resulting in a waste of time, may the other site e-mail, is a N for a long time do not log on e-mail, even happened to run into full compliance with the requirements of each other again leave QQ number, sometimes it is very difficult to get a reply, mainly because they do not think too much of Links. If the application of this kind of link, may cause a waste of time.


4: the other requirements are traffic restrictions, basically because of PR6, the world ranking within 10 thousand website > read more

Liu Jun linkbait allows users to help you do the Shanghai Dragon

common linkbait:

the number of the chain and to enhance the quality of the website for the benefits of needless to say, so many webmaster every day to do a lot of the chain, generally do link is the way to the forum posting replies, build your blog articles, to answer a classified information link, but deviate from them it is a webmaster, article, perhaps to write their own, perhaps is the ISM, and then add their own website in the article links to any place where you can send the article to. Every day the chain will let the webmaster friends feel heart tired, never seem to have endless chain, chain is so mechanical and boring, made a lot of links with the effect is good, if not better feel terribly fatigued, the endless links the days when is the end. What method can make the boring chain work more interesting? Might as well try to do something about the link bait work, the chain will be more changeable, not boring, would do much better to link. read more

Love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization should avoid these two mistakes

you know, love Shanghai pays great attention to the website authority, that is to say, the more authoritative website, more easy to get keywords ranking, this is the consensus. So, why are there so many people have in the fight against the Shanghai dragon, with so many authoritative websites, and there is still a chance? In addition to unremittingly efforts to make their website more authoritative, the possibility of opportunities exist where is


two, Jianwai chain anchor link

keyword ranking things! read more

How to prevent search engines

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to allow other search engines display snapshot, but only to prevent the love Shanghai display, please use the following tags:

robots file is actually a spider like warning file, as we all know, when spider crawling our website, is to check your site robots.txt does not have such a file, the file is written to you don’t want to be included in the search engine’s content. Of course, if your site does not exist in the content, do not establish a robots file like this, otherwise… Oh… read more

How to do the analysis of several of the local substation substation mode

disadvantages: 1. applies only to a small part of several large sites such as car site of main station and substation of repeated contents less abundant information resources, 2. content to maintain the size of the information company website general died.

advantages: applicable to all sites, does not affect the master, master station and substation level included good no number limit

this way is actually on the way and is about the station without the use of the two level domain but use the directory but the two effects are high read more

The old domain in the medical website optimization really do have a role

because these do not dump the old domain what ranking or flow, just keep playing, so never optimized, have no time to do optimization. The station had included over yuan, also experienced by K home page ZhengZhan even by K’s tragedy, but has not shut down any one station. The station gives me more experience is proved some general rules:

peak has reached over 10000 included.


two: the importance of persistence, can imagine, these have a little history of long-term collection and maintenance station, there will still be collected and updated snapshot, at least proved the importance of persistence, although this result because the content of garbage is lost more than half. read more