Squeezing not selling

first_imgThe message needed no political decoding. The chancellor’s speech to the Conservative Party conference last October ended with the phrase “we are the builders”, and made no fewer than 25 mentions of the word “build”.And when “George the Builder” – as he was inevitably nicknamed by the tabloids – presented his Autumn Statement a few weeks later, he vowed to unleash Britain’s “biggest housebuilding programme since the 1970s”.But the Autumn Statement didn’t just throw down the gauntlet to the nation’s housebuilders. It also issued a challenge to Britain’s local authorities – to get more out of their assets.Our local leaders have been given a powerful means to meet that challenge – the right to keep all receipts from asset sales. With England’s councils alone holding an estimated £225bn in assets, there is the potential to unlock vast sums.But this power need not trigger a mass sell-off. A report by Centre for Cities and Turner & Townsend found many councils are now less likely to sell assets to produce one-off receipts, and are using them instead to generate ongoing revenue.As the report’s co-author Louise McGough notes: “Making the most of public assets is about more than just selling them off.”Local government funding from Westminster has been cut by £18bn in real terms since 2010, forcing all councils to seek alternative sources of funding and drive greater efficiency. The report studied the many and different ways local authorities across England and Wales have used their assets to support their balance sheets.It concluded that councils that take a more strategic approach, and focus on maximising the value of their assets as a part of a programme rather than a series of disparate projects, are the most likely to thrive.Councils that take a more strategic approach, and focus on maximising the value of their assets as a part of a programme rather than a series of disparate projects, are the most likely to thriveSome of the most successful strategies to be implemented were: a commercially-driven investment approach, the use of assets to lead development, and working with partners to shape development across a region. For example, Eastleigh Borough Council in Hampshire has adopted an investment approach to asset management. Since 2011 it has run a successful asset acquisition strategy, taking advantage of low property values and low interest rates.By identifying assets that could generate the best economic and financial benefits and acting proactively in the market, the council built up a commercial portfolio that produces more than £2.5m a year in income, which it says more than covers borrowing costs.Meanwhile, in the London borough of Camden council leaders are using publicly owned land and property to provide more affordable housing. The council has launched a 15-year asset investment plan aimed at building new homes (many of which are for shared-ownership), funded by selling parts of those new developments. The council identified outdated assets that were put on sale to generate capital receipts, which were then used alongside borrowing to redevelop existing estates and to build new properties – enabling the council to develop the first new council housing in the borough in 30 years.Whatever the individual strategy adopted, there is something else that links the most successful authorities – a commercial approach to decision-making, and the use of robust and comprehensive data analysis both in the drafting of the masterplan and in its implementation.But data for data’s sake helps no one. It is essential that the key decision makers are not just given the right data, but that the data is interpreted and presented as actionable intelligence. In addition it’s vital that local authorities, public sector partners and the private sector work together effectively. For two reasons – this sort of cross-sector collaboration can foster a more entrepreneurial culture, and spark the creation of novel ways to capitalise on the value of public assets.Yet there is no one-size-fits all formula for success – for some councils the right answer will be selling assets for capital receipts, while others will prefer to use them to produce long-term revenue. While the freedom to keep 100% of the receipts from asset sales will give cash-strapped local authorities greater flexibility, it’s no panacea and is unlikely to prompt scores of councils to hastily flog their “crown jewels”.Selling off an asset can generate a one-off cash receipt, but until now this money could only be used to fund capital expenditure, such as transport. For most councils, the real challenge is in funding local services, staff salaries and day-to-day running costs.Since the Autumn Statement, Turner & Townsend has been holding a series of roundtable events with English local authority leaders, and this tension between short-term financial gain and long-term economic development goals has proved a recurring theme.We’re due to meet council leaders from across Northern and Western England in early 2016, and I expect to see many adopting the sort of progressive, commercially-driven asset management strategies that the Centre for Cities / Turner & Townsend report highlighted.In an era where austerity has become the new normal, the ability to generate a consistent revenue stream – and drive maximum long-term value – from local authority assets will invariably triumph over the prospect of a quick buck.Jon White is UK Managing Director of the global programme management consultancy Turner & Townsendlast_img read more

Las Vegas 51s to Get New Name, New Everything in 2019

first_img Posted April 19, 2018 Share this post Forums Home Posted April 20, 2018 Sports Logo News Las Vegas 51s to Get New Name, New Everything in 2019 9,904 1,130 Las Vegas 51s to Get New Name, New Everything in 2019 1,247 SL.N News 521 Banned Members I like the Aviators suggestion.  It’d be funny if their alternate logo involved a set of aviator sunglasses. I thought of it. The Las Vegas Caesars. Caesar’s palace and Fallout reference. Does it suck? Yeah. Is it probably going to be better than whatever gimmicky name Brandiose pulls from the seventh circle of hell? Probably Page 1 of 3   Recommended Posts 2 hours ago, DustDevil61 said: Prev SportsLogos.Net News Posted April 19, 2018 Prev SportsLogos.Net News FightingGoldenDevil 657 Location:Champaign, IL Las Vegas 51s to Get New Name, New Everything in 2019 April 18, 2018 – 17:51 PMAfter a series of mysterious windowless black vans were seen pulling away from the main offices of the Las Vegas 51s, the team announced they’d be getting a whole new identity for the 2019 season. Named for “Area 51”, a […] Read More… 632 posts Share on other sites Share this post nickp91 698 ZipperClub Las Vegas Jackpots 8,685 (formerly, briefly CherryMX) Sports Logos Share on other sites 31,105 posts 5 2,302 Sports Logo News Share this post Share this post This topic is now closed to further replies. Something nuclear… or is that not allowed? DustDevil61 1,585 8 919 Share on other sites All Activity Followers 1 -kj Location:North of Ogdenville Sign in to follow this   You know what they say… Since Brandiose is involved, I see the finalists being Desert Frogs, Silver Vultures, and Buffets…because, well, Brandiose. Posted April 19, 2018 Posted April 19, 2018 NewsBot Posted April 19, 2018 WSU151 101 284 701 Posted April 19, 2018 84 17,487 posts Share this post Gothamite 953 Forums Home Members 698 22,644 Share this post Dynasty FightingGoldenDevil I knew it… 10 1,130 Posted April 19, 2018 2 FightingGoldenDevil 8 1,170 posts Share this post Share on other sites Location:DC area 2,215 Link to post 521 On 4/18/2018 at 1:57 PM, CS85 said: RyanMcD29 Posted April 19, 2018 3,203 posts 635 posts 3 hours ago, DustDevil61 said: 22,644 9,904 0 823 posts DustDevil61 Link to post Share on other sites Most of the work is already done for them. 1,535 101 Link to post 635 posts 1 Location:Levittown, NY 3 Share on other sites 186 posts 3 That looks like the Montgomery Biscuit was left out a little too long. 0 Link to post 8,685 You Get Nothing! You Lose! Good Day Sir! 84 116 posts SportsLogos.Net 5,926 posts 6 ~Bear (Las) Vegas Desert Knights  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Posted April 19, 2018 Las Vegas Jackpots Since Brandiose is involved, I see the finalists being Desert Frogs, Silver Vultures, and Buffets…because, well, Brandiose. 2,215 SHAMELESS PLUG of something I whipped up in 5 minutes Members FightingGoldenDevil 1,233 posts Share on other sites 5,786 posts tigers Share this post 0 Posted April 20, 2018 I like the Aviators suggestion.  It’d be funny if their alternate logo involved a set of aviator sunglasses. Share on other sites This is the last year of the affiliation with the Mets.I would go with Las Vegas Jovian’s keeping with the alien meme.Too bad if they lose the alien logo.Love that hat. 2 nash61 1,535 Link to post Members Pauly 8,685 Banned Share this post Share on other sites Only if it’s a shot of Joe Biden, wearing aviator sunglasses, with a flying scarf around his neck.  Because, hey, it’s Joe friggin’ Biden. 1 Members 188 posts 284 Share this post Posted April 19, 2018 657center_img Posted April 19, 2018 Location:South Carolina Members It would be hilarious if a Fallout: New Vegas reference slipped in Followers 1 Share this post How about we just go back to the Las Vegas Stars! That way Cosmo can stay as the mascot, and bring back vintage “Stars” gear! Link to post Posted April 19, 2018 five boroughs, one City. Share this post 284 1 Next Share on other sites 1,535 Share on other sites Posted April 19, 2018 Pauly CS85 Share this post New York Mets AAA affiliate  2 19,663 posts 1 1,130 2,302 I always thought “Las Vegas 21” or “Las Vegas Dealers” would be interesting, though the latter might be inferred as drug related by the unknowing. Members sayahh 701 Share on other sites Members 1,108 posts Share this post Share on other sites 0 919 101 Gothamite Link to post 698 Link to post Sign in to follow this   4 Share this post Boo.  BOOOOOOOOO. Link to post 2,302 0 1,130 6,168 posts Posted April 19, 2018 Link to post “Las Vega 51s” is a great identity…it just seems like they never did enough with it.  -kj Share this post Share on other sites Posted April 19, 2018 sayahh 53,283 posts Las Vegas Prime Ribs. Link to post 701 That’s actually not bad.  Lean into the neon/casino imagery, and you might have something there. Favourite Logos:Minnesota Wild | Hartford Whalers | Toronto Blue Jays 657 Members 84 By SportsLogos.Net News, April 19, 2018 in Sports Logo News SHAMELESS PLUG of something I whipped up in 5 minutes Posted April 20, 2018 nickp91 Share on other sites 1,585 3 919 Sykotyk ZipperClub Favourite Logos:Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Florida Panthers, Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, Detroit Tigers Location:DETROIT 9 hours ago, sayahh said: Share on other sites 1 Dynasty Mac the Knife Link to post CS85 Location:San Jose 1,130 0 9,904 Sykotyk WSU151 2,215 Share this post Members Level 5 Laser Lotus Members The Man Behind the Curtain 5 Sports Logos Share this post 1,247 Share this post 249 Here’s one name I’ll give you any odds you want, on any dollar bet you want to place with me, that you won’t see:  Las Vegas Snipers. Next Share on other sites Members 0 Members Link to post Link to post Members Share on other sites 18,373 posts But if Brandiose is involved, it’ll be a trainwreck of some sort.  That much, we know for sure. “I see you’re drinking 1%” 953 RyanMcD29 Link to post Members 249 22,644 249 Members 1,247 All Activity tigerslionspistonshabs Las Vegas Black Books? Mac the Knife 23 hours ago, RyanMcD29 said: Link to post Share on other sites Posted April 20, 2018 Since Brandiose is involved, I see the finalists being Desert Frogs, Silver Vultures, and Buffets…because, well, Brandiose. Share this post Members Share on other sites 12,229 posts Going back to the Stars would make sense.  If they could get a casino tie-in they could really have some fun with it… the Las Vegas Flamingos, Las Vegas Mirage, Las Vegas Excaliburs. Las Vegas Bets tigerslionspistonshabs 0 Link to post Link to post Link to post tigers nash61 Location:Right over there Link to post 1,130 Page 1 of 3   ~Bear Favourite Logos:Cardinals’ StLUtah Jazz noteHartford Whalers 521 Go To Topic Listing 953 SportsLogos.Net Posted April 19, 2018 Favourite Logos:Johnny Canuck, Hartford Whalers, Lady Liberty, Stinger, Pre-Edge London Knights, Philadelphia Eagles, Florida Gators 1,585 Las Vegas 51s to Get New Name, New Everything in 2019last_img read more

Wawrinka To Sit Out ATP Masters In Indiana Wells And Miami

first_imgStanislas Wawrinka will miss the ATP Masters events in Indian Wells and Miami as he recovers from knee surgery.Wawrinka, 32, had earlier retired from his Provence Open clash against Belarus’ Ilya Ivashka last week.It was the Swiss’ fourth tournament since last year’s edition of the Wimbledon Open.The 3-time Grand Slam champion missed the rest of the 2017 season after he underwent surgery in August.On his decision to miss out on both tournaments, Wawrinka said: “I need to be patient and give my body the time it needs, but my goal is to come back on the clay.”“Coming back from a big surgery is complicated and after having played a few tournaments I have discussed with my team that it is best for me to build on the progress and go back to practice.“I’m working hard on and off court and hope to be back within a few weeks.” he concluded.The tournament in Indian Wells begins on Monday, March 5 while the Miami event starts on March 19.RelatedRoger Federer To Miss French Open After Knee SurgeryFebruary 20, 2020In “Tennis”Murray To Miss Australian Open With InjuryDecember 29, 2019In “Tennis”Stan Wawrinka Quits Tennis Due To Knee Surgery, Won’t Defend US Open TitleAugust 4, 2017In “Tennis”last_img read more