Null Winds Aerodefender aero fenders slice headwinds faster than aero wheels!

first_imgAero gains are the ultimate in getting more speed without cranking out more power. If you’ve already bought into the ‘Aero is everything’ mindset, perhaps it is time to look to Null Winds’ Aerodefender upper wheel fairings. Claiming to offer more speed in a headwind vs. aero carbon wheels (and more stability), the pointy carbon fiber wheel fairings have proven themselves in downhill coasting tests. And now you can pre-order a set over at Indiegogo…Null Winds Aerodefender carbon aero partial wheel fairingsOK, hold your judgement for just a minute, and let’s take a look at Null Winds’ claims and what they say is the science behind their Aerodefender.The basic concept is that the faster, forward spinning upper portion of a bike’s wheel & tire generates the most drag slowing the bike down. By encasing that section of the spinning wheel inside the Aerodefender partial upper wheel fairing, drag is reduced in primarily headwind conditions. And you go faster.To test out (and prove) their system, Null Winds paired two identical aero tri bikes in a roll down test into a moderate headwind, then repeated it switching riders. The result was that the Aerodefender-equipped bike was always faster, on average 7 seconds faster per kilometer!And now you can pre-order a set for your road or triathlon bike for a limited time through their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.Aerodefender partial upper wheel fairings Tech DetailsThe Aerodefender partial upper wheel fairing claim to reduce the effective wind speed that the spinning wheel is exposed to, thus reducing drag and making you faster. To do that the hand crafted carbon fairings use custom hidden internal mounting brackets that attach to you bike’s fork legs and chainstays with a mix of velcro, zip ties, and alloy hardware.The Aerodefender is available in versions for either rim brake or disc brake equipped bikes. The rim brake versions include cutouts for your brake calipers and are designed to use 23-28mm tires. The disc brake versions include more internal clearance up to 38mm tires, and can also be custom trimmed for rim brake bikes sporting larger tires.A two-piece, front & rear pair of carbon upper wheel fairings weighs approximately 700g and is available to Indiegogo supporters starting at $500 (or ~$310 for one wheel). A cheaper fiberglass version is also available starting at $360 and weighs approximately 1000g for the set.For now the Aerodefenders are made in the US. Null Wind has also partnered with popular West Coast triathlon shop Triathlon Lab who will stock the carbon Aerodefenders starting in early October, and will offer install services.The Indiegogo is a flexible crowdfunding campaign and runs for one month for pre-orders. Early backers will already get their wheel fairings as early as Oct 2018, with all backers of the campaign expected to have orders fulfilled by the end of Nov 2018.Now, go watch a ton of their expository videos on YouTube or Indiegogo, and discuss…NullWinds.comlast_img read more

See Nancy Opel & Off-Broadway’s Curvy Widow Cast Celebrate Their Off-Broadway Opening

first_img Nancy Opel Nancy Opel in off-Broadway’s ‘Curvy Widow'(Photos: Emilio Madrid-Kuser) The cast of Curvy Widow takes their curtain call. Opel and Curvy Widow scribe Bobby Goldman get together. She’s fifty-something and fabulous! Bobby Goldman’s Curvy Widow opened at the Westside Theatre on August 3. Leading lady Nancy Opel, along with Andrea Bianchi, Aisha de Haas, Elizabeth Ward Land, Ken Land, Alan Muraoka, Chris Shyer and director Peter Flynn snapped some sweet pics. was in on the action for the off-Broadway opening. Take a look! View Comments Star Filescenter_img Show Closed This production ended its run on Nov. 5, 2017 Curvy Widow Related Shows Congrats to the company of Curvy Widow! Catch it at the Westside Theatre. Opel and her daughter Jillian get glam on the red carpet.last_img read more

Vermont Supreme Court affirms campaign finance law violation against Green Mountain Future

first_imgThe Vermont Supreme Court issued a decision upholding the state’s enforcement of Vermont’s campaign finance law against Green Mountain Future, an advocacy organization primarily funded by the Democratic Governors Association.The Court affirmed the lower court’s findings that GMF committed campaign finance law violations during the 2010 gubernatorial race. Specifically, GMF violated the law by spending over half-a-million dollars on political advertisements attacking candidate Brian Dubie without registering as a political action committee (’PAC’) with the Secretary of State’s Office, filing required disclosure reports, and by failing to include proper identification information on its ads.The Court dismissed GMF’s contention that its television spots could not be regulated because they focused only on issues. Rather, it ruled that the ads fell squarely within the law’s reach: ‘There can be no serious argument that the purpose of GMF’s advertisements was not to oppose Brian Dubie’s campaign for governor.’The Court also rejected GMF’s argument that Vermont’s law is unconstitutional, holding that the campaign finance disclosure requirements are valid and enforceable under the First Amendment. It concluded that, as construed by the Court, the statute is clear enough for people to determine its intended meaning and does not cover protected speech.In its ruling, the Court articulated objective factors, such as the timing, images, tone and intended audience of an ad, to be used in determining whether the ad’s purpose is to support or oppose a candidate, or ‘to influence voters to vote yes or no on a candidate.’Attorney General William Sorrell welcomed the decision, noting that it followed United States Supreme Court precedent confirming the validity of disclosure requirements in election law.‘Vermont’s disclosure laws play an important role in preserving the integrity of our elections. They allow Vermonters to better evaluate campaign messages and provide voters with information to help identify who is trying to influence their votes. This is particularly true as we are seeing more and more PAC activity in our campaigns,’ said Attorney General Sorrell.In addition, the Court ruled in favor of the State on its cross-appeal, reversing in part the lower court’s decision to impose only a $10,000 penalty for GMF’s violations. The Court held that the lower court erred by failing to consider assigning a penalty for GMF’s identification violation while noting the vast potential number of individual violations. The Court explained that ‘the difficulty of calculating a penalty [does not] mean that no penalty can be awarded.’ It remanded the case to the trial court for consideration of the appropriate penalty to be imposed for the violation of the identification requirement. Vermont Attorney General September 27, 2013last_img read more

Free travel aims to move more passengers

first_imgAUSTRALIA: Melbourne commuter services scheduled to arrive before 07.00 can be used free of charge from March 31, under a plan to reduce crowding on the busiest services. ‘Early Bird’ tickets providing free morning travel are to be offered across all 15 Connex-operated lines, state Premier John Brumby announced on March 7.’Trials on the Sydenham and Frankston lines showed that more than a quarter of travellers using the Early Bird tickets had changed the time of their travel to take advantage of the free travel’, said Brumby. ‘A zone 1 and 2 trip scheduled to arrive at its destination by 07.00 will be free, saving commuters up to A$47·40 a fortnight’. Normal multi-journey fares are charged to return in the evenings.’Passenger numbers equal to three six-carriage trains are expected to shift to morning pre-peak services’, said Minister for Public Transport Lynne Kosky. ‘The Early Bird scheme is aimed at spreading the passenger load more evenly across morning services, in order to reduce overcrowding on peak-hour trains. ‘We also anticipate that Early Bird will have a positive flow-on effect for the rest of the metropolitan train timetable. It will free up more space on services after 07.00, encouraging morning peak passengers to travel a little bit earlier, as well as freeing up evening peak services thanks to people leaving work earlier.’Early Bird will be reviewed when deliveries of 18 additional six-car Alstom trains begin in late 2009.last_img read more

Female doctor detained in alleged drug matter

first_img Share Tweet Sharing is caring! Share LocalNews Female doctor detained in alleged drug matter by: – October 15, 2013center_img Share 9 Views   no discussions Dominica Vibes has been reliably informed that a senior health practitioner has been detained in what appears to be a drug related matter. The arrest of the female doctor took place on Tuesday, 15th October.A police source confirmed the incident to Dominica Vibes however we have not been able to make contact with the police public relations officer, Inspector John Carbon. The name of the individual cannot be published as she has not yet been charged.Further details will be provided as this developing story as it unfolds.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

CSKA is not joking: It also buys a striker from Latin…

first_imgThe sports and technical management of CSKA has targeted another winger from abroad, Tema Sport reported. The club is expected to finalize the recruitment of a Latin American athlete next week.The last talks are currently underway. For now, the leadership of the “Army” keeps the name of the player and his club a secret. In Borisova Garden they have not stopped the transfer movements at all. There will be more players with whom CSKA will part, as well as those who will attract. So far, the new ones of the “Army” are five, but the expectations are for two more additions, which will put an end to the selection. However, there are still no serious candidates for central defender Bozhidar Chorbadjiiski.The defender does not fall into the plans of coach Stamen Belchev and was not even in the group for the start of the campaign – the 2: 2 draw with FC CSKA 1948. The leadership of the army has announced to the player that he will not make any obstacles if he finds a team. in which to continue his career. So far, however, there is none.Chorbadjiiski left Steaua at the end of last year. When he returned to the Army, he announced that he wanted to continue his career abroad again. At this stage this is not a fact and he continues to be a player of CSKA. However, the teenager of the “reds” is expected to have a new club by the end of the month.last_img read more

Big 12, Bowlsby Have Solid Beef But No One Else to Blame

first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. Following the announcement of the four teams included in this year’s college football playoff, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby made his feelings known.“Obviously I acknowledge the difficulty of the task, but I’m not sure what I advise my members right now, because we’ve been telling them that nonconference schedules matter, and one of the four has an exceedingly weak nonconference schedule,”Washington, which has the 127th-strongest non-conference schedule, is in after one loss to No. 9 USC and a Pac-12 title game in which it blew out a top-10 Colorado team.From day one, one of the strongest sermons coming from the committee and ESPN headquarters in Bristol was that teams needed to schedule better in the non conference. The Baylors of this world would not be able to run through cupcakes as they geared up for conference play and expect to get credit for it.But this year we saw Oklahoma fall victim to their strong scheduling which kept them out. If Houston was the team they thought they were scheduling,  and OU wins, the Sooners are probably No. 4.Should Oklahoma be in? No. They have two losses. As does Penn State. I don’t have a problem with either being left out. You have to win to get in. But Bowlsby’s point is taken. The Big 12 commissioner alluded to No. 3 Ohio State making it in despite not winning their division or even playing the Big 10 championship game.“And we’ve been telling them the 13th data point matters, and we added a conference championship game because of that. We’ve always heard that conference championships matter and division championships matter, and now it’s confusing.”Oh, the infamous 13th data point. Bowlsby may have something here.The lack of a conference title game to give teams that elusive baker’s dozen was the reported culprit two years ago when TCU miraculously fell No. 3 to No. 6 following a win to make room for eventual national champion, Ohio State.After the Big 12, again in reactive-mode, decided to put a title-game hat on a one-division conference, they find themselves left in a lurch and two steps behind and now with ill-fitting headwear.Now the yearly schedule will be a guessing-game to try and decide which 2-3 teams will be the best and keep them away from each other in November, so as to not to further cannibalize the league and its chances to get a team in.The blame doesn’t fall on the college football committee, or ESPN, or Kirk Herbstreit. The blame falls on the Big 12 who has been one giant knee-jerk reaction for the majority of its existence. The blame falls on us for trying to hold an entity that governs itself to rules that it makes up as it goes.These questions should be asked, but the Big 12 and Bob Bowlsby shouldn’t expect an answer that does anything more than pacify their grief. The Big 12 is on the outside. Outside of the playoff and outside of the pack in terms of national perception. There’s not a quick fix for that either. The Big 12 has tried too many of those anyway.last_img read more